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Absolute Dynamics (energetic responses, ending with a positive solution)

energetic responses, ending in a positive solution

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  1. Introduction

  2. Requirements

  3. Installation

  4. Licensing and Registration

  5. First Time Use

  6. Using System Comparison


System Comparison (sysCOMP) will compare two systems "side by side"  on one web page.  Each comparison is saved in HTML format for future reference.  Use System Comparison to troubleshoot applications that work in development, but won't run on production systems.  Ensure systems are being built and deployed identically.

Since System Comparison uses Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), you don't have to worry about deploying agents or paying expensive per-node licensing.

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Windows 2000/XP/2003 with Windows Management Instrumentation is required on the system where System Comparison is executed. 

Systems queried across the network require Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 with Windows Management Instrumentation enabled.

Administrator permissions is required on all systems.

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Cumbersome installation procedures are not required.  Simply copy the executable (SYSCOMP.EXE) to a dedicated folder on your local hard drive and launch it.

Each system comparison is saved in the local folder as an HTML file "SYSTEM1 VS SYSTEM2.HTM".

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Licensing and Registration

System Comparison - sysCOMP is license per System Administrator (User).  Each user executing the product on a computer must register the product.  After registering the product, you may purchase additional  licenses on an "as needed" basis.  Please review the End User License Agreement for details.

To register sysCOMP, click the register button from the Evaluation Dialog Window and enter the code you received.

Absolute Dynamics provides the following benefits to our customers:

  • E-mail support for sysCOMP
  • Elimination of the 5 execution trial version
  • Additional licenses can be purchased at anytime
  • Input into the future design of sysCOMP and other Absolute Dynamics products
  • Free upgrades for the first year
  • Substantial discounts on Absolute Dynamics products
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First Time Use

Shortcut Creation: sysCOMP creates a short cut under Start-->Programs-->Absolute Dynamics.

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Using System Comparison

System Comparison Screen Shot

  • Launch SYSCOMP.EXE to start the System Comparison Tool.
  • Enter the two computers you wish to compare.
  • Select the options to be compared
  • Click the continue button.

A web page will be dynamically generated, documenting the comparison of both systems, side by side.  The file will be saved in the current folder (SYSTEM1 vs SYSTEM2.HTM)

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